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International Residence Hall (IRH) is the nation’s most experienced hospitality team of employee housing for BridgeUSA J1 work-travel students. Creating safe spaces for students from over thirty different countries, our facilities are intentionally designed to help people feel at home when their everyday life feels thousands of miles away. It is when people feel safe and at home in their residence hall that they can thrive, and that is what we are all about.

From intentionally designing the details in living spaces for individual residents to transforming local communities by cultivating a locale of diversity and homeliness, IRH values bringing individuals together as a means of tying a community together. It is through our hospitality and purposeful home-away-from-home atmosphere that sets the foundation for a thriving community.



Students Housed

IRH pigeon Forge



IRH pigeon Forge




Students Housed



24/7 Security

All doors to the building and rooms are secured with RIFD access. Plus, we have live video monitoring in all common areas of the building.


Maintain affordable housing rent.

At any IRH location, we’re dedicated to keeping your weekly rent affordable.


Supply housing for J1/H2B workforce.

Housing designed specifically for J-1, H2B and other seasonal workforce.

Who We Serve


Our Students

IRH projects aim to provide J1 international students and short-term workers with safe, welcoming accommodations that foster community building through thoughtfully designed communal kitchens and living spaces, making the development of close friendships almost effortless.

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The Local Employer

IRH's dormitory-style housing, in partnership with local employers, offers a cost-effective and secure solution to seasonal housing demands, allowing business owners to focus on running their businesses and maintaining a healthy work environment.

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Local Communities

Not only do J1 international students support the community by filling the local seasonal employment void, these temporary residents boosts local business activity and provides workers to support the community in the hospitality industry.

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Our Locations

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Pigeon Forge is surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains and beautiful scenery.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells is a unique tourist community with breathtaking attractions and activities in every season.

Branson, Missouri

Branson is surrounded by three prize winning fishing lakes and within the heart of the Ozark mountains.

Foley, Alabama

Foley is located on the Gulf Coast and is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, beautiful bays, and scenic rivers.

IRH houses students from all over the world

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“I am happy to be staying at IRH. It’s a comfortable place to live and the people at the front desk are friendly. I enjoy having a kitchen that we can use 24 hours a day.”

Licelot Carrasco Guerrero

Dominican Republic

“IRH is very professional yet so much like a family, you treat us so nicely and always greet me with a good morning and a smile. The cleanliness is aways good so fresh and nice. it’s a friendly and welcoming environment. We are treated so well at IRH with such trustworthy staff.”

Ann Marie Charlton


“IRH Pigeon Forge has given me many chances to meet new people and cultural exchange by learning a 3rd language, trying food from different countries, and promoting my country (Jamaica). I also had a great opportunity like getting to play soccer for Tornado FC.  My most special moment was when I joined the International Angels and I truly have enjoyed being apart of and giving back to the local communities. IRH is my Home Away From Home.”

Ricardo Smith


“I have met a lot of new people here. I love being able to cook and hangout with my new friends in big spaces like the common areas and outside in the courtyard. Also IRH is right near my workplace so I don’t have far transportation. I like being here a lot.”

Jirameth Kittavornsakul


“The people here are so kind they make me feel like I’m home. i work all day and its nice to come to friendly face and fun events that go on.”

Carlos Robledo


“IRH is a great experience, the building is so clean and brand new. The best part is the teamwork. The people, they are wonderful and so friendly. They are great, I always get a greeting when I see the staff at the front desk.”

Warren Pujols

Dominican Republic